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Muffet Desktop Background (Undertale) by DeviantDalton Muffet Desktop Background (Undertale) :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 3 1 Strawberry Swirl (Adventure Time OC) by DeviantDalton Strawberry Swirl (Adventure Time OC) :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 1 1
Episode 1: First Day
       Asleep in her bed was the fifteen year old girl, Miruki Komigitsu. She was strewn out upon her bed, with her light pink covers covering up part of her legs and chest. In between her feet was a sleeping cat. It was calico, complete with orange, yellow, and black fur. She sat up, looking very drowsy, and yawned. She was in a light blue gown with spaghetti straps. Her hair was a light orange color and reached just below her shoulders. It was very messy from her sleep. Her eyes were a bright purple color. On her right hand was a black marking. This marking was the mark of a Soul Master. It was proof that she was a Soul Master, one who could summon a 'Soul Weapon' out of thin air. She turned her head to the left to look at the digital clock on a small table beside the bed. The small clock read '6:12'.
       "Oh no!" She yells, quickly flipping her covers off her to get out of her bed. "I'm going to be late!" She puts on her school uniform hang
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Soul Master's Title by DeviantDalton Soul Master's Title :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 0 0
Soul Masters Character Sheet
Miruki Komigitsu
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: First Year
Soul Weapon: Scythe
True Name: Angel of Death
Other Info: Very happy and positive. Can be quite oblivious most of the time. Has a hard time coming to realization with sudden changes.
Main character of the story. Comes from a long line of powerful Soul Masters, but she can't even summon her own Soul Weapon when she wants.
Kyrii Tichuru
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Class: Third Year
Soul Weapon: Dual Cestus
True Name: Goddess of Speed
Other Info: Serious demeanor. Quick to react. She's the leader type, trying to keep everyone cool in dire situations. Never panics.
Best friend of Miruki. Highest rank in school.
Kyru Tichuru
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class: Second Year
Soul Weapon: Claws
True Name: Beast of Madness
Other Info: Quite funny and makes fun of anyone when given the chance. Makes bad puns all the time. Seems very quirky and insane at times. His demeanor becomes serious when Miruki is threatened.
Kyrii's brother. Only hangs around Mi
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Bolt and Blossoms Title by DeviantDalton Bolt and Blossoms Title :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 0 0 Lilythorn the Floran (Final Concept) by DeviantDalton Lilythorn the Floran (Final Concept) :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 7 1 Lilythorn the Floran by DeviantDalton Lilythorn the Floran :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 4 0 Chibi Lilythorn by DeviantDalton Chibi Lilythorn :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 1 0 Rainbows and Butterflies (MLP FiM Comic) by DeviantDalton Rainbows and Butterflies (MLP FiM Comic) :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 33 4
The Little Toy Shop [MLP FiM Fan-fic] - Part 1
Prologue: A Toy Shop That Doesn't Sell Toys
Pinkie Pie's delivery run was almost over, just a few more orders from Sugarcube Corner and then she gets paid for the week. She would usually just buy a bunch of sweets and party supplies, but this time she had another thing on the list: A toy shop.
It was a mystery how the toy shop appeared in the first place. It had only popped up about a week ago. Pinkie was excited to buy some toys and meeting a new resident of Ponyville! Sure, Pinkie was too old for toys, but she didn't care; 'Never too old to have fun!' as Pinkie always says.
Pinkie finally arrived at the last stop on her run. She knocked on the door. Thunderlane opened it up, greeting Pinkie. He looked left, then right, and then left again, then held out some bits.
"Hurry, I don't want anypony to see me." Thunderlane declared. Pinkie Pie exchanged a bag of cookies for the bits, and then he quickly shut the door. Pinkie was okay with it, it was the same thing every week.
"You're welcom
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Velenica the Elin Berserker of Apotheosis by DeviantDalton Velenica the Elin Berserker of Apotheosis :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 2 0 The Pink Has Been Doubled! by DeviantDalton The Pink Has Been Doubled! :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 930 427 Simple Mane 6 Cutie Mark Background by DeviantDalton Simple Mane 6 Cutie Mark Background :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 11 1 MUFFINS by DeviantDalton MUFFINS :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 14 3 Enjoy Your Nightmares. by DeviantDalton Enjoy Your Nightmares. :icondeviantdalton:DeviantDalton 9 0


Wheeeeeeeeee by Sharkwellington Wheeeeeeeeee :iconsharkwellington:Sharkwellington 8 7 Fluttershy Papercraft by Kna Fluttershy Papercraft :iconkna:Kna 925 108


Don't expect comics on a schedule, they sort of just come to me, like everything else I create. It might be tomorrow, it might be a month. Matters when inspiration decides to hit.


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United States
I love to draw, play games, and listen to music. I'm really in to Starbound at the moment. I also am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Though not as much as I was a year ago. Times change, after all). Still expect pony art, but the majority will be Starbound related.


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